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Tavazoie Lab

Experimental technologies and computational tools developed by the Tavazoie Lab.

        Technology for global in vivo monitoring of protein-DNA interactions in bacteria
        PLoS Biology 19(6):e3001306 2021

        An inducible CRISPR interference library for genetic interrogation of S. cerevisiae biology
        Communications Biology 3(1):723 2020

        In vivo mRNA Display technology for high-throughput proteomic analysis using next-generation sequencing
        PNAS 117(43):26710 2020

        A technology for high-throughput bacterial single-cell RNA sequencing
        Nature Microbiology May 25, 2020

        Technology for generating comprehensive CRISPR-interference libraries for sensitive genetic interrogation of bacterial phenotypes
        Cell 180(5):1002 2020

          Integrated Genomics Exploration Tools, a suite of tools for exploring biological pathways and DNA/RNA/protein regulatory elements associated with large-scale molecular profiles
Molecular Cell (2007) 28(2):337-50 Molecular Cell (2009) 36(5):900-911 PLoS One. 2010 December 29;5(12):e14444 Nature (2012) 485, 264-268

A computational framework for de-novo discovery of structural RNA regulatory elements
Nature (2012) 485, 264-268
A computational framework for de novo discovery of peptide motifs associated with protein behaviors
PLoS One. 2010 December 29;5(12):e14444

        A technology for global mapping of adaptive mutations in naturally or experimentally evolved bacteria
        Nature Methods. 2009 Aug; 6(8):581-3

An information-theoretic algorithm for discovering pathways associated with behaviors of large-scale molecular profiles
Molecular Cell (2009) 36(5):900-911

A biochemically realistic simulation framework for evolution of molecular networks under selection
Science (2008) 320 (5881):1313-1317
An information theoretic algorithm for de novo discovery of DNA and RNA motifs associated with global mRNA expression profiles
Molecular Cell (2007) 28(2):337-50

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