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Systematic assessment of prognostic molecular features across cancers
Cell Genomics 3, 100262 2023
Santhanam, B., Oiknomou, P. Tavazoie, S.

OxPhos defects cause hypermetabolism and reduce lifespan in cells and in patients with mitochondrial diseases.
Communication Biology 6(1):22 2023
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Arginine limitation drives a directed codon-dependent DNA sequence evolution response in colorectal cancer cells
Science Advances 9(1):eade9120 2023
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Intracellular acidification is a hallmark of thymineless death in E. coli
PLoS Genetics 180(10):e1010456 2022
Ketcham, A., Freddolino, P.L. Tavazoie, S.

Functional genetic screen identifies ITPR3/calcium/RELB axis as a driver of colorectal
cancer metastasis liver colonization
Developmental Cell 57(9):1146-1159:e7 2022
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Dynamic landscape of protein occupancy across the Escherichia coli chromosome.
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Molecular topography of an entire nervous system.
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An inducible CRISPR interference library for genetic interrogation of Sacharomyces cerevisiae biology.
Communications Biology 3(1):723 2020
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In vivo mRNA display enables large-scale proteomics by next generation sequencing.
PNAS 117(43):26710 2020
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Research Highlight: Nucleic-acid sequencing of proteomes Nature Reviews Genetics

Regulatory and evolutionary adaptation of yeast to acute lethal ethanol stress.
PLoS One e0239528 2020
Yang, J., Tavazoie, S.

Prokaryotic Single-Cell RNA Sequencing by in Situ Combinatorial Indexing.
Nature Microbiology May 25, 2020
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Comprehensive genome-wide perturbations via CRISPR adaptation reveal complex genetics of antibiotic sensitivity.
Cell 180(5):1002 2020
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Dynamic landscape of protein occupancy across the Escherichia coli chromosome.
BioRxiv Januray 30, 2020
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Extreme Antibiotic Persistence via Heterogeneity-Generating Mutations Targeting Translation.
mSystems 5(1), pii: e00847-19 Januray 21, 2020
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Genome wide analysis of 3' UTR sequence elements and proteins regulating mRNA stability during maternal-to-zygotic transition in zebrafish.
Genome Research 2019 29(7):1100-1114 (2019)
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Unconventional function of an Achaete-Scute homolog as a terminal selector of nociceptive neuron identity.
PLoS Biology 16(4):e2004979 2018
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Stochastic tuning of gene expression enables cellular adaptation in the absence of pre-existing regulatory circuitry.
eLife 2018;7:e31867 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.31867
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Multifactorial competition and resistance in a two-species bacterial system.
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HNRNPA2B1 is a mediator of m6A-dependent nuclear RNA processing events.
Cell 2015 162(6):1299-308
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TARBP2 binding structured RNA elements drives metastasis.
Cell Cycle. 2014 13(18):2799-2800
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Metastasis-suppressor transcript destabilization through TARBP2 binding of mRNA hairpins.
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Revealing the genetic basis of natural bacterial phenotypic divergence.
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Synaptic state matching: a dynamical architecture for predictive internal representation and feature detection..
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A neurodegeneration-specific gene-expression signature of acutely isolated microglia from an amyotrophic lateral sclerosis mouse model.
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The dawn of virtual cell biology.
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Large mutational target size for rapid emergence of bacterial persistence.
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Systematic discovery of structural elements governing stability of mammalian messenger RNAs
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Accurate proteome-wide protein quantification from high-resolution 15N mass spectra
Genome Biology 12:R122 (2011) PDF
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Newly Identified Genetic Variations in Common Escherichia coli MG1655 Stock Cultures
Journal of Bacteriology 2011 Nov 11. [Epub ahead of print] PDF
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Analysis of gene networks in white adipose tissue development reveals a role for ETS2 in adipogenesis
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Antibiotics and the post-genome revolution
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Microarray-based genetic footprinting strategy to identify strain improvement genes after competitive selection of transposon libraries
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Fitness Landscape of Antibiotic Tolerance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms
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Large-scale discovery and characterization of protein regulatory motifs in eukaryotes
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Revealing global regulatory perturbations across human cancers
Molecular Cell. 2009 Dec 11; 36:900-911. PDF
Goodarzi, H, Elemento, O, Tavazoie S
Preview in same issue: A FIRE-y PAGE in computational analysis of cancer profiles by Prensner JR, Chinnaiyan AM ( PDF )

Global protein occupancy landscape of a bacterial genome
Molecular Cell. 2009 Jul 31;35(2):247-53. PDF
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Global discovery of adaptive mutations
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Microarray profiling of phage-display selections for rapid mapping of transcription factor-DNA interactions.
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let-7 Overexpression leads to an increased fraction of cells in G2/M, direct down-regulation of Cdc34, and stabilization of Wee1 kinase in primary fibroblasts.
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Highlight in Nature Reviews Genetics 8:908-909 ( PDF )

A comprehensive genetic characterization of bacterial motility
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Highlight in Nature Reviews Genetics 8:653-653 ( PDF )

Unmasking the zygotic genome using chromosome deletion in the Drosophila embryo.
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Mapping global histone acetylation patterns to gene expression.
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Predicting gene expression from sequence.
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Highlight in Nature Reviews Genetics ( PDF )

A cross-genomic approach for systematic mapping of phenotypic traits to genes.
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Whole-genome discovery of transcription factor binding sites by network-level conservation.
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Ras and Gpa2 mediate one branch of a redundant glucose signaling pathway in yeast.
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Tavazoie S, Church GM

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